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Skytear Horde Monoliths pre-orders open

Published about 1 month ago • 2 min read

Dear friend of Skytear Games,
I hope you are playing fun game these days :)

Here at our imaginary HQ we are busy working on the "spiritual sequel" to Skytear -our MOBA board game- as well as our RPG sourcebook, and the third chapter of Skytear Horde.

But today's newsletter is all about the 2nd chapter of Horde aka Monoliths, as pre-orders on our shop just went online:

If you never heard of Skytear Horde before... it is a bit like playing Magic: the Gathering BUT solo or cooperative.

Imagine a card battler like the video-game Hearthstone, except you are playing with actual cards you can touch (!!!) and the game itself is controlling horde of monsters laying siege to your castle.

The whole game is designed to fit in a busy schedule, even after a tiring day at work, and it plays in just about 20-30 minutes with a 5-minute (at most!) setup.

It's also easy to take breaks in-between turns if you need to run after the kids... just to make a random example from my life ;)

Monoliths, the second chapter of Skytear Horde, was crowdfunded on Gamefound last May and will be delivered this May.

The sequel improves upon the original in a myriad of ways: fom a fully rewritten rulebook for more clarity on edge cases, more -hidden- depth, and many other details that are too many to list now.

It's worth noting... Monoliths can be played stand-alone or even be combined with year 1 contents.

Before shipping the pre-orders in any given region, we will fulfill all pledges made by backers first.
This will likely leave us with some leftover deluxe copies and accessories that will go toward the pre-orders on a first-come first-serve basis while supplies last.

So that's the main reason to pre-order now.
If you only want the non-deluxe edition and don't care about accessories or the smaller exclusive expansions, you can wait for the actual release without any risk of missing out.

You can ask a full refund of your pre-order up until it ships, since we cannot guarantee availability. The estimated shipping is early June for Europe and Canada, mid to late May everywhere else.

Monoliths will not go through retail wholesale distribution even though interested retailers can still stock it by ordering directly through us.

With 5 warehouses around the globe and free shipping over $99 - we believe we make a decent job of making sure the game is available anyway.

We did still print a "retail edition" without any frills for almost half the price of the deluxe... so hopefully we can offer what's right for your budget.

And that's all for Today.
In the next newsletter we will introduce our yet unnamed "spiritual sequel" to Skytear, the MOBA board game... as it's time to move onward with it!

Happy gaming

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